Youth Fitness Training

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Youth Personal Fitness Training

Jason Rowe

Personal Trainer

60 Minute Youth Training Session:

  • 60-minute, One-on-one Personal Training Session
  • Foundational Training on Moving Safely
  • How to Strength Train Safely While Growing

Set your young athlete up for success with one of our youth fitness training sessions. Sessions are 60 minutes and teach the athletic youth the foundations of proper exercise. Kids will learn how to prepare for a workout with proper warmups. They will also learn proper technique and form to prevent injuries while exercising. Young athletes will also learn how to strength train in ways that are safe and appropriate for their growing bodies. Schedule a 60-minute training session for your child and set them on the path to doing great things.

60 Minute Youth Training Group Session:

  • 60-minute Group Youth Fitness Class
  • 3-8 Kids Per Group
  • Safe Exercise Foundations
  • Group Activity Training
  • Fosters an Atmosphere of Healthy Competition

Show your kids that you can be healthy and active and have fun doing it. Our 60-minute youth group training classes provide a safe, fun environment for kids to stay active in a way they’ll enjoy. Groups of 3-8 kids participate in group activities designed to promote good health and fitness for their growing bodies. Friendly competition helps build character and social skills that kids can carry with them for life. Sign your child up for a youth training group session and give them the experience of fun and fitness combined.

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